The Mission of VTE

Voices That Empower (VTE) was born out of a passion to teach, inspire, motivate, and empower individuals who have a burning desire to experience joy, happiness, and peaceful serenity that comes from a life well lived. We can have such joy. We can experience such happiness. We can live in peaceful serenity amidst the turmoil life may throw at us.  VTE was created to dispel the darkness by igniting the passionate fires within and laser-focusing those flames into meaningful life experiences.  Only then can we truly make a difference, creating peace and unity throughout the world. This amazing change all starts with us.

As we launch this new endeavor, we invite everyone who wants to make a difference in the world to write to us and let us know what their passion is. Some will have their stories posted on this website, while others will join us in our VTE Professional Speakers Bureau at various private and public speaking engagements. Some contributors may write books and request they be posted on this website for others to have access to while others will be invited to post articles on a regular basis in their area of expertise. VTE is the liaison between passionate teachers and receptive audiences around the world. Whether you are an audience member or a teacher, we want to hear from you! Like us on Facebook or send us an email and become a part of this journey to ignite the passion within!