Passion in Relationships

It’s a love affair gone wild! From love songs, romantic comedies, to how-to relationship magazines and articles, passion in relationships has been commercialized more than any other experience on the planet. Two lonely hearts meet, passion ignites, and love abounds. It’s all about reigniting the passion to keep the love alive. And why not! There is nothing more exciting than a passionate partner in a love relationship. It is truly what makes the world go round!

So what makes passion so important? If it is so commercialized everywhere as far as relationships are concerned, why aren’t there more passionate relationships than the statistics suggest? Why is divorce surpassing the 50% mark in this country? Passionate couples do not separate. Passion holds couples together. It’s not love as people suppose, it’s passion. Passion drives love. Can we truly say we love someone without feeling a sense of passion behind it? If we don’t, is it really love?

As a parent, love for a child is driven by a deep abiding passion of connection to that child. It is difficult to break no matter how the child acts or responds. We still love the child. It is a connection at the deepest of levels that bonds us to the child. Both mother and father have this deep, passionate connection. Some parents experience it much differently than others, however, the deep connection still abides. The connection is there and can never be broken. A parent may do things to sever the relationship connection at a surface level, however, the deep connection remains that may someday heal the broken relational surface connection.

Passion in relationships is the driving force behind all connections we have one to another. At work our connection is only as strong as the passion we feel towards our job and connectedness with our boss or co-workers. Strong passion promotes strong relationships. Weak to non-existent passion suppresses our ability to be successful at work. We may be able to build interpersonal relationships with individual co-workers; however, any negative or weak passion towards our job may stunt our growth in our career. Since passion within flows outward in every direction, failure to be passionate on the job significantly affects our ability to increase our career motivations. It all works together. We can make course corrections so we may allow our passion to flow freely in all areas around us. We can be successful at work. We can have and be all that we want as long as we learn how to focus our passion and recognize when we do not. Passion is the life energy of everything, everywhere.