Igniting the Passion Within

What causes a fire to burn? We all know the textbook answer to this question. We learned in grade school the three elements are oxygen, heat, and fuel. That lesson was geared towards elemental fire. The fire we are speaking of here is internal. We breathe oxygen. Our bodies maintain a moderate temperature of around 98.6 degrees. All we need is the fuel. That fuel is called passion. It is buried deep within our being. Remove any one or more of those ingredients from our lives, and life becomes dull, boring, or even nonexistent. Naturally without oxygen we would cease to exist. Without heat, proper body temperature, all the passion in the world couldn’t exist while we lay freezing to death. Life would become nothing more than a struggle to survive. Take away the fuel of passion, and life would be similar to what most of us experience far more often that we care to admit; dull, or just downright boring. Now consider the opposite. We are pumped full of oxygen, our bodies are healthily maintaining an optimal temperature of 98.6 degrees, and we have an open river of passionate flow emanating from our core. Now all we need to do is direct this flow.  So, as a laser, we choose a direction and away we go. Nothing can stop us. We love wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Our passionate wellspring is enough to overcome any darkness that may attempt to impede our journey. We warm others along our journey as we spread our passion in every direction. The warmth of our souls and the light in our eyes exude power and love everywhere. We gather the downtrodden, the weak, and the hungry and replenish their empty cups with life and hope. We share our abundance in community with other passionate driven people. Life is a joy to us. We prosper in that joy as we spread peace the world over. This is what happens when we ignite the passion within. Giving is what life is all about. Giving of ourselves as an endless stream of passion and fire!

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